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Green Crow Corporation is a privately owned company specializing in the timberland and wood products industries. We provide full-service timberland investment management services to institutional, family and individual investors. These services include advisory, due diligence, deal flow, property management, strategic planning, forest products marketing, modeling, valuation, engineering, environmental services, and accounting. We are located in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Northeast, and in New Zealand.

Timberland Investment Services
Much has been written on the financial and portfolio benefits of timberland investing over the past 25 years.  Therefore, for the academic and quantitative foundation for making the general decision to invest in timberland, we would be happy to refer you to a number of sources upon request. More relevant, we believe, is the practical basis for the decision by Green Crow to invest in timberland and why we continue to recommend to our clients and investors that they include timberland in their investment portfolio. Learn More
Timberland Management Services
Green Crow Management Services, LLC (“GCMS”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Crow Corporation that was created in 2000 to provide timberland property management services for both our corporate timberland assets and for our institutional and private timberland investment clients.

Our team of experienced forestry and investment professionals has a core expertise in identifying, evaluating, acquiring, managing and selling timberland that is available to support the investment needs of our clients. Recognizing that each client is unique, we have both the depth and breadth of experience in timberland investing required to advise and to provide customized service to meet each client’s needs.

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Other Businesses

Over the years Green Crow has entered into, either directly or through joint ventures, businesses that are related to and support our core business of timberland investment and property management. The experienced gained within the company through the operation of these businesses has resulted in a better understanding of the broader marketplace and, we believe, has made us more effective investors and better property managers.

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